Letter: Bill Boland for Town Clerk

[Ed note: My Southborough invited each candidate for a contested position in the annual town election to submit a letter to voters.]

To the Editor:

I am honored to have served Southborough for many years. I served as a Selectman for nine years and have been an elected Commission of Trust Funds for six years. I have also served on Advisory, Capital Budget, Affordable Housing Trust, Zoning Advisory, and Master Plan Committees as well as the Metrowest Regional Collaborative. Anyone who knows me is aware of the amount of time and effort I have dedicated to the Town. This would continue if elected as Clerk. I have not lost my desire to work hard for the Town. If elected, I believe my knowledge and work ethic will allow me to be an effective Town Clerk for the next three years. I ask for your support on Tuesday May 9th. I’m a fourth generation resident. My wife Caitlin and I have three children who all attended Southborough and Algonquin Regional High Schools.

In my years of public service, I believe I have a strong record of voting for and supporting issues that were in the best interest of the Town. I worked very closely with former Town Clerk Paul Berry and his staff. My experience has made me very familiar with Massachusetts General Law; Town Bylaws; Town Meeting and the many policies and procedures associated with the operation of the Clerk’s Office. If elected, I am confident that I and staff in the Clerk’s office would provide excellent customer service to all residents, Town Departments and employees.

The incumbent Clerk, Mr. Hegarty, and his staff should be applauded for making improvements to modernize operations after Mr. Berry’s retirement. If elected I would:

  • Work to continue to increase the ability for people to interact online with services provided by the Clerk’s office.
  • I would work with the new Moderator and provide any assistance he might request in preparation for the smooth operation of Town Meeting and increased participation.
  • Fully utilize the abilities of the excellent office staff and attempt to reduce usage of temporary and part time employees.
  • Analyze all operations and procedures and make sure that everything is being done in an efficient and cost effective manner. I would be hesitant to make any changes that would ultimately lead to tax increases.
  • Improve communications and relations with other departments and everyone who interacts with the Clerk’s office.
  • Fully investigate all ramifications associated with any contemplated new rules, procedures, fees and bylaws to make sure they comply with State Law and Town Bylaws.
  • Continue issuance of Transfer Stickers from the Clerk’s Office but leave all other aspects of the Transfer Station to the DPW and Board of Selectmen.
  • Preserve and protect all records and historic documents.
  • Make sure we fully understand the history and reasoning for the Town’s operations and procedures before recommending changes.

As a Selectman, I knew that listening to the opinions of our residents was very important. Many residents still come to me with question about the Town. I would continue to be available to discuss issues with any resident. I would consider an expansion of office hours if it would be productive to residents, and cost effective. I would make sure the hours were posted though so everyone was aware of it and could take advantage of it. I would do everything possible to operate under a budget that is responsible to the taxpayers by keeping costs inline.

Thank you for your support over the years. I ask for your continued support to Elect me your Town Clerk on Tuesday May 9. For more information see facebook.com/billboland2012 or email me at boland2012@verizon.net

Thank you,

Bill Boland

**Please remember our local elections are now on Tuesday not Monday**

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