Video: Candidates Night 2017

Southborough Access Media recorded Thursday night’s Candidate’s Night. Because it was at the library, they couldn’t broadcast live.* But it’s available now.

So, if you couldn’t make it to the Southborough Library on Thursday, click on the video above to watch the brief speeches by candidates followed by Q&A.

First up were the two Town Clerk candidates: Jim Hegarty (incumbent) and Bill Boland.

The Board of Selectmen candidates came to the table about 30 minutes into the video: Dan Kolenda (incumbent), Lisa Braccio, Sam Stivers, David Parry, and John Wood.

At ten minutes from the end of the video, the event moderator, John Wilson, invited candidates to uncontested positions to tell voters “share in just about 20 seconds why they think they can do a good job for the Town”.

*SAM staff try their best to get the videos for timely events up quickly. This one was delayed for technical issues. But I want to give a shout out to SAM staff who were apparently up working through those issues in the middle of the night on Friday.

(What would we do without them?! I know I can’t possibly make it to all the important meetings and events they cover.)

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louise barron
7 years ago

Mr. Jim Hegarty, Sam Stivers and Lisa Braccio. These are all the names you need to know. Folks who have, can, and will deliver a breath of honest fresh air to replace the smog and stale air we have been choking on for far too long. We need folks who are not connected, if you know what I mean, who truly will work for us, not for their own objectives and self interest.

7 years ago

After watching this and the town meeting I think before spending anymore money on anything I think we should buy some new microphones.

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