Southborough Community Garden plots available for organic gardening

Above: John Gulbankian plowing the community garden a few springs ago (contributed photo)

Southborough Community Garden is getting ready to divvy up garden plots on the Breakneck Hill Conservation Land again.

The public is invited to buy spots to plant veggies, flowers, and/or herbs.

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The garden is on conservation land. So, while organic gardening isn’t required, rules discourage strong chemical use:

Gardeners are encouraged to use insect and disease controls and fertilizers that are organic, or derived from natural materials. Such fertilizers include compost, rock dusts, meals made from plants, etc. Pest controls include soaps, oils, plant extracts, etc. Use of chemicals that have the potential to harm the environment by runoff or other means are strongly advised against.

Joining the Community Garden is free for Southborough senior citizens. (Though they can opt to pay, to support the garden.)

The cost to residents under 65 is $15 for a 10 by 10 foot or #25 for a 10 by 20 foot plot. (Non-residents pay $5 extra. Preference is given to residents.)

For details or to sign up, click here to open the pdf. For more information, email

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