Historical Society making progress in sharing Southborough history: Online resources available

Above: The Southborough Historical Museum’s main room is looking sharp. But, for real evidence of the progress they’ve made going through historical materials, check out their online presence. (image from Historical Society’s website)

Members of the Southborough Historical Society have been hard at work over the past year. They’ve done a remarkable job cleaning up and organizing the Historical Museum with hopes to re-open in the fall.

But you don’t need to wait for that to take advantage of the work they’ve done. Along the way, many of the Towns old documents and history have been uploaded as online resources. 

This month, the society shared an update on those efforts with its “Friends”:

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your financial support over the last year, we have been able to make many strides in bringing materials previously locked away in the archives online for public viewing. Here are just some of the most recent offerings:

A Slide Tour of the Old Burial Ground
Join the late historian Kay Allen as she takes you through highlights of one of our most important historical treasures.

Historic Homes Database
Get information on the history of your home without leaving your desk!

Holy Hill Walking Tour
Grab the kids and take a fun and informative walking tour around the Museum with this out-of-print guide.

Southborough Historical Photos Collection
Take a look at our ever expanding collection of online photos.

Southborough Genealogical Resources
New means to research your families history.

Of course, we rely on you to help us make this happen. We have a number of volunteer positions open at the Society, and are always in need of ongoing financial support, so please keep those donations coming!

Other resources include scanned images of our Town’s copy of the Declaration of Independence, historical maps, and posts summarizing significant chapters in Southborough history. Check out the Historical Society’s website here.

For information on joining/becoming a Friend to the Southborough Historical Society, click here.

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Jonathan DiNitto
5 years ago

This is really great! Thanks for all the hard work putting this together.
My last visit to the meuseum was really informative and I hope to visit again soon once it reopens.

I would love to see the large town map (with all the historic homes) that is displayed at the meuseum scanned and available for download or even better- reprints for purchase.

Allan Bezanson
5 years ago

Jonathan, there is a copy of the 1856 town map with all the houses in the entryway at Cordaville Hall. I got the image from the Boson Public Library and had photoshop improvements made at Cape Ann Giclee in Gloucester. They have it on file and can print it for you. Tip to save $: If you want it matted and framed get a stock frame first and print it to fit the frame instead of vice versa. The one in Cordaville Hall is origial size but could be printed larger with good resolution.

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