Discount passes to amusement parks and movies through Rec

Above: Fun abounds at New England amusement parks – Water Country, Six Flags, and Canobie Lake Park. Just stop by Town Rec to buy your discount passes (images from parks’ Facebook pages)

Looking for some more fun this summer? Did you know that Southborough Recreation sells discount passes to area amusement parks?

  • Six Flags – $38/pp Save $26
  • Water Country – $33/pp Save $5
  • Canobie Lake Park – $34/pp Save $6

If you aren’t up to that big an outing, you may want to head to the movies instead. Rec also offers discount tickets for that. You can buy passes to Regal Cinemas for $10.50 each. (It’s not worth it for kids’ tickets – which cost the same or only 20¢ less, depending on the theater. But it is $2.50 or $2.30 less per non-matinee ticket for adults.)

They also sell tickets for $10.50 to AMC theaters. If the movie isn’t a matinee, the pass saves you $1.49 on adults tickets at the Framingham theater but is more expensive than kids’ tickets. And don’t buy the passes if you’re headed to a matinee there. The matinee at Framingham AMC only costs $6.29 per ticket for any age, and you can reserve your seat online in advance if you aren’t using a pass. 

To buy tickets, head over to the Rec Dept anytime between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Thursday or 8:30 am – 12:30 pm on Friday. (And bring cash or your checkbook.) The department’s office is located in the South Union Building at 21 Highland Street.

Of course, it’s not the only Town department offering discount passes. Click here for a reminder of the museum and park passes you can borrow from the Southborough Library. (And don’t forget about the Free Fun Friday museum program still going on throughout the state this summer.)

Updated (8/2/17 10:15 am): I just realized that Rec sells the AMC tickets too, so inserted those details.

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