Back to school supply lists for K-8

It’s almost time for pencils, time for books. . . and of course, glue, crayons, markers, folders, erasers, glue sticks. . .

So, are you ready to do some back-to-school shopping?

If you’ve been waiting to find out what supplies you need, wait no longer. Southborough schools have compiled (most) of their 2017-18 school supply lists.

One thing I learned the hard way from past experience – some of the lists include details you shouldn’t fret over. Often, the specific brand of a folder or exact dimensions of a pencil box are just details copied from the versions chose in the kits that were sold through SOS. You don’t need to adhere to every detail.

Speaking of fundraising kits, SOS came up with a new way to sell supplies for Finn this year. Parents are able to purchase items through the Amazon Smile program with a 0.5% kickback to Finn SOS. The lists are easy to pull up so you can add items to the shopping cart.

Don’t worry, if you have a favorite discount store in the area, you aren’t required to shop online.

But I like the option for busy parents. Especially since it allows you to edit out unnecessary items. (For instance – why buy another box of colored pencils, if the your kid brought home last year’s practically unused?) 

Still, if using the Amazon lists you do need to pay attention to the details in the notes beside listed items. I noticed that one item on a Kindergarten list recommended parents look in stores for the individual folder rather than buying the box listed online.

Here are the links for the supply lists by school:

Now you can start checking the back-to-school flyers and sales and get shopping!

(Tip: I got my shopping done quickly last year at Walmart in Hudson. They had everything my 3rd and 5th graders needed, cheap. Though I had to run over to the office supply/stationary section for a few of the items.)

(Image posted to flickr by Robert S. Donovan)

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5 years ago

It is amazing to me that the schools have so much money to hire, hire, hire but can’t buy crayons and basic school supplies. Superintendent Johnson is fiscally irresponsible as she has shown over and over (remember the half a million $$ that walked out the door?) And the school committee does nothing to stop it. They need to stop being her friend and start doing their jobs by being her boss. In times when everybody tightens their belt, hers seems to be elastic.

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