Fire department extricates man from “the Quarry”; other recent emergency responses (Updated)

Above: Emergency personnel transporting an injured man who fell from the rocks in Southborough’s back woods. (image cropped from Facebook)

The Southborough Fire Department posted this afternoon about an emergency rescue effort:

Just around 3:15 today we responded to a call in the area of 238 Parkerville Rd (the Quarry) for a male who sustained injuries from a fall from the rocks. It took members, both on duty and off duty, to extricate him to our paramedic ambulance that was waiting for him. Great work by our team and also the members of the Southborough Police Department! No emergency responders were injured.

SFD posted pics from the scene:

I have to admit, I’m not familiar with the “Quarry” and can’t find anything online. If anyone has information on that worth sharing, please post a comment.

[Updated (9/6/17 3:03 pm): Readers shared interesting details on the quarry in the comments below. (And one clarified that the extrication done by firefighters wasn’t from inside the quarry, it was from the scene, through the woods to the rescue truck.)

Another commenter, John Kendall, followed up to share a pic of the location. His version is a bit different looking than what I found online – where Google shows all the trees. When I took an initial look yesterday, I mistook the gap in the trees over the quarry as a shadow. You can see both pics by clicking thumbnails below.

image of quarry emailed by John Kendall from mobile Google Maps image I found using Google maps online - includes the trees and surrounding roads

The bottom line is that the site is between Parkerville and Atwood roads, south of Mooney and Moore. It is part of private parcel – which – according to a comment below, the owners are asking people not to trespass in order to explore.]

As long as I’m sharing SFD news – within the past week, the department also assisted other towns, responding to at least two house fires. Plus, they put out a car fire on the Mass Pike the first day of school. Here are their posts on those:

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John Kendall
4 years ago

The quarry is in the woods behind the houses near 230 Parkerville Road. I believe it was in operation from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s. Some of the granite was used in the construction of my parents old house at 258 Parkerville. You can see it on Google Maps as a dark circle in the woods. There’s an old cart path that leads to it, and there are numerous old trails in the area. When I was a kid, we all hung around in there. It’s very rocky and can be dangerous. We never swam in it as it always had oil floating on the water. Its another part of Southborough history.

Jeff Rudd
4 years ago

The old Quarry was used to mine granite many many decades ago and is now abandoned. It is located on private property behind 238 Parkerville rd well into the woods. The word “extricate” is referring to the fire dept getting the person out of the woods, he did not fall into the Quarry. The owners of the property have ask that every to please not trespass to see the Quarry as it is on private land. My google earth is not working but it may be visible on that.

Jeff Rudd
4 years ago

The Quarry is not visible on google earth, it is a small quarry compared to the ones in Milford.

Jonathan D.
4 years ago

Thanks for the information on the quarry, last summer I heard coyotes at night that sounded like they were coming from that area, I live on Atwood and often hear them.

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