Kindergroup accepting new members; Kickoff party – September 14

Above: Southborough Kindergroup families marching in the 2012 Heritage Day parade (Photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

Southborough Kindergroup reached out to promote it’s Kick Off Party next week. This reminded me that it’s been too long since I wrote about the group on the blog.

The co-operative playgroup has been a starting point for friendships between moms, kids, and families since 1977. It’s the best way I know of to connect with other mothers in town. (Although, it is also open to fathers, caregivers, and residents of nearby towns.)

I loved my experience. And I still enjoy the friendships and many acquaintances I made through the group.

On their website, I learned that they now also offer a “Social Membership” for those who want to be included only in the group’s field trips, special events, and Members Night Out events. The site explains it is:

Perfect for part-time or full-time working parents, stay at home parents, grandparents, nannies, and families new to town.

Traditional, full membership meets weekly in the morning, most weeks of the school year.

This isn’t a drop-in or drop-off activity. Members join the day of the week that works best for their schedule. (They generally have two – four options each year.) These days, they meet at the South Union Building, 21 Highland Street. As a “cooperative” group, parents/caregivers share and alternate certain duties throughout the season.

The new season begins shortly, and they are holding their annual Kickoff night next week. It takes place 7:30 pm on Thursday, September 14th. It’s a chance for new and potential members to meet returning members and learn about the group. That will be held in the Community House at 28 Main Street.

You can learn more about Kindergroup on their website, If you’re interested in joining, contact the membership alumni coordinator at

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5 years ago

Thanks Beth – a lovely write up!

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