Special Election update: Five candidates file for Board of Selectmen

Special Election voters will get to choose from up to five candidates for selectman this fall.* Not only did the candidates I reported on before file papers, two more entered the race before last night’s filing deadline.

Bill Boland and Brian Shifrin joined candidates Doriann Jasinski, David Parry and Sam Stivers in the race for the vacant seat on the Board of Selectmen. Interestingly, four of the candidates have lost a contested bid for office within the past two years. (The fifth hasn’t run for an office – at least in recent years).

Boland previously served as selectman from 2005 to 2015. Two springs ago, he lost that seat to Brian Shea in a three way race with Desiree Aselbekian. (Shea captured 43% of the votes, Boland 28.5%, and Aselbekian 28.3%.) 

The former selectman is currently serving on the Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds. (He was uncontested for re-election to that seat this past spring.) Last spring, he also challenged incumbent Town Clerk Jim Hegarty, but without success. (Hegarty 75% and Boland 25%). The prior spring, he lost a three way race for Town Moderator. (Stephen Morreale 59%, Aselbekian 22%, and Boland 19%)

Shifrin is currently Chair of the Recreation Commission and sitting on the Community Preservation Commission and Affordable Housing Trust. All three of those are appointed seats. (If he has ever run for – or served in – an elected office in Town, it pre-dates the blog.)

As I previously posted, Stivers and Jasinski are current members of the Advisory Committee. Parry was also a former selectman from 1995 to 2005. 

Stivers and Parry both unsuccessfully ran for the two Board of Selectmen seats in the 2017 annual election this past May. (Lisa Braccio 28%, Dan Kolenda 24%, Stivers 21%, John Wood 19%, and Parry 8%.)

It was Parry’s second unsuccessful bid to return to the board in recent years. In 2013 he ran for one of two three-year seats. (Paul Cimino 33%, Kolenda 29%, Parry 17%, Al Hamilton 16%, and Lisa Cappello 5%. Note: Capello had withdrawn but her name was still on the ballot.)

Jasinski last ran for office in the 2015 Town election as a candidate for Town Clerk. (Hegarty 72% and Jasinski 28%.)

Still, that’s just the politics of past races.

Each of the candidates has served on Town committees and/or working groups in recent years. And you can be sure they’ll be eager to share with voters what they’ve achieved on behalf of the community and hope to accomplish in the future. 

[Note to candidates: Each of you are invited to submit one letter to the editor between now and October 31st.]

The election to fill the vacant seat on the five person board is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7th. Beginning with this election, all three precincts will vote at Trottier Middle School. (That’s right – DO NOT go to Woodward or Finn to vote.)

special election calendar 2017*Candidates can still withdraw (or be removed) from the ballot. Last spring, multiple candidates pulled out after filing papers. October 5th is the deadline for withdrawing (or for objecting to) a candidate’s nomination papers. For the detailed election calendar click on the thumbnail right.

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6 years ago

I would think the residents of the town are sending a clear message that we have seen enough of Bill Boland. Surprised he is not understanding that.

6 years ago
Reply to  resident

Well said, Resident. Can we bring some fresh ideas, blood and vigor to the BoS this election cycle? hope so.

6 years ago

There is enough people running that the vote will be split enough Mr Boland might have a chance. He won’t get my vote but its a smart move. Getting 25% of the vote might pull it off.

6 years ago

I am eagerly awaiting my unrequested David Parry yard sign

6 years ago

My thanks to all of the candidates for their interest in the town and their willingness to be consistently criticized for one thing or another in the event they win the election… or maybe even if they don’t win this one.

Matthew Brownell
6 years ago

Sam, Sam! He’s our Man! If he can’t do it, no one can!!! ;-)

Sam – you are welcome to put a campaign sign on my property any day . . or maybe a campaign kiosk . . .

6 years ago

Brian Shifrin will be a fantastic addition to the board of selectman! He has my vote!

Jane Smith
6 years ago

I think it’s terrific so many candidates are running, and I want to let voters know that the Library Trustees will be hosting a Candidates Night at the Library on Nov. 1. All candidates have said they will be there. A replay will be shown on SAM, but we hope for a big crowd of citizens, armed with lots of questions. More details coming soon. As always, refreshments will be served!

David Parry
6 years ago

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard, just last week, that Brian Shifrin would run for Selectmen. I told him 6 months ago, (when we were working on separate committees, but on the same issue — the golf course purchase), that he would make an excellent Selectmen and should consider running. The surprise was how fast he moved, and good for him. So I am happy to withdraw.

I will continue to be actively involved, but focus on issues which I feel are most important.

6 years ago
Reply to  David Parry

Hi David,
thank you for your consistent involvement in our town’s activities. you are right to think that you, or anyone who is eager, can effectuate more change from the OUTSIDE of authority than from within (though i do respect those who try from within the system).

Based upon your endorsement, Mr. Shifrin will be getting a vote from me.

Tracy Bertonazzi
6 years ago

Brian Shifrin has volunteered countless hours to our community. Coaching youth baseball, running mens softball, volunterring at many town wide events, serving in town committees and helping us finally get the fields lit. Thank you Brian you will make a great selectman and you have my vote.

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