FEMA volunteers safe return from Puerto Rico

Last week, I shared news that the Director of Southborough’s Emergency Management shipped out to Puerto Rico. Lt. Neal Aspesi is a member of Massachusetts’ Task Force under FEMA. On Tuesday night, WBZ reported that his team returned home.

Here is their interview with the returning volunteers:

While we can share a sigh of relief that one of our own made a safe return, the report wasn’t all good news.

It was jarring to hear their description of events. Many of you may have realized, but I didn’t, that it will take several months for power to be restored to the island. For the millions of Americans still living on the storm ravaged island, this is far from over.

Kudos again to Southborough Fire Department’s Lt. Aspesi for stepping up to help out in such a personal way. I know our community is proud.

[Editor’s Note: If the embedded video isn’t working for you, click here.]

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Julie Connelly
4 years ago

Beth, thank you for reporting on this story, and thank you to Lt. Aspesi for stepping up in such a profound way. You make Southborough look good!

4 years ago

Thanks to Lt. Aspesi for going on this mission to help where they needed so much help. Thanks to his family for dealing with not having him at home. Thanks also to the rest of this group for going on this mission!

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