Photo Gallery: Heritage Day parade and festival

Above: Monday’s rain didn’t stop residents from making the most of Heritage Day. (photo by Beth Melo)

Many Southborough residents waited all weekend on pins and needles to see if the Heritage Day show would go on.

There were fears of a tropical storm raining on our parade. While marchers did get a bit wet, most of the rain was before and after the parade. And the strongest downpours held off until early afternoon.

Weather definitely interfered and kept some away. But given the conditions, it was a good turnout for the annual celebration.

Here are the best pics from me (and my husband), sprinkled with a few from other sources.

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Political campaigning in the parade was kicked off by Brian Shifrin's campaign float (photo by Joao Melo) Veterans carrying flags always lead the marchers (photo by Joao Melo) Town officials were followed this year by the Girl Scouts (photo by Joao Melo) (photo by Joao Melo) (photo by Joao Melo)

(photo by Joao Melo) There are a lot of Girl Scouts in town (photo by Joao Melo) Heritage Day by Joao Melo b (photo by Joao Melo) (photo by Joao Melo)

(photo by Joao Melo) (photo by Joao Melo) Trottier Big Band (photo by Joao Melo) Trottier Band played (photo by Beth Melo) Sam Stivers campaigning for selectman (photo by Beth Melo)

Early into the parade route there was a smattering of onlookers enjoying the music and candy (photo by Beth Melo) Near the field the crowd was waiting (photo by Beth Melo) The field was bustling, given the weather (photo by Beth Melo) Families found fun and food on the field (Facebook by Christine Griggs Narcise) ARHS Yearbook was among fundraising booths on the field (photo by Beth Melo)
Economic Development Commitee was among the agencies and community organizations reaching out (contributed by EDC) Doriann Jasinski was campaigning on the field (photo by Beth Melo) Brian Shifrin campaigning for selectman (photo by Beth Melo) A "candy bar" brought families into Shifrin's booth (photo by Beth Melo) Exhibitors drew families in with more than candy (photo by Beth Melo)

Inflatables on the field were popular (photo by Beth Melo) Knights of Columbus' soccer contest (photo by Beth Melo) Boy Scouts rope bridge has become a popular part of town festivals (photo by Beth Melo) Chestnut Hill Farm's goats drew lots of visitors (photo by Beth Melo) (photo by Beth Melo)

Friends of the Library Sale was running indoors across the street (photo by Beth Melo) Kids enjoyed one free book each (photo by Beth Melo) Up the hill at the Southborough Historial Musem, they held a demo of the Town's 1868 fire pump Southborough Historical Museum's open house (photo by Beth Melo) Southborough Historical Museum (photo by Beth Melo)

Light Up Southborough pumpkin wall from distance (by Kevin Farrington)This week, I shared fun pics of the Light Up Southborough pumpkin contributions. But I have two beauties worth sharing here.

One (right) was contributed. I discovered the other below on Instagram.


It’s that time of year… #newengland #halloween #pumpkincarving #graveyardshift #americanrustic #autumn

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  You can also check out photo galleries tweeted by other local media sources:

Southborough Access Media has yet to post it’s video of the day. But SAM was there, so you can be sure to see their highlights sometime soon.

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