Selectmen to meet on Friday morning: Includes possible vote on 135 Deerfoot Road

Above: The 27.8 acres of Chapter 61A property up for sale on Deerfoot Road is on the agenda of this week’s unexpected Board of Selectmen meeting. (image from Google Maps)

Yesterday, the Board of Selectmen posted an agenda for a meeting this coming Friday morning. On it is a possible vote on, the first right of refusal for 135 Deerfoot Road. I followed up with the board and Town House to understand what’s happening.

Selectmen haven’t officially decided whether to waive the Town’s rights to act on the offer or take it to voters. On October 17th, they stated the decision would be made at their November 8th meeting – the day after a 5th member is elected. The delay was to allow more time for proponents to work on a draft article and answer questions. So, I was surprised to see this on the agenda for Friday.

Assistant Town Administrator Vanessa Hale explained in an email:

It is listed on the agenda as a potential vote so the Board has the ability to do that if they so choose on Friday morning. The Community Preservation Committee requires a vote of support from the Board of Selectmen so that the CPC can move forward with their own process, in order to deliberate on CPC funding. If in fact a special town meeting gets called [also not yet voted], the timeframe for pulling all of this together is extremely tight. I cannot guarantee the BOS will vote on this on Friday, as the matter is completely within their jurisdiction but this allows them to do so if they feel they have all the information they need.

The agenda item is under section II of the board’s agenda, generally used for appointments/discussions. For a while now, the agendas have listed the potential for votes for all items in that category. Obviously, it allows selectmen the ability to vote when discussion raises an issue that prompts a vote (even one unforseen) without worrying that public notice wasn’t given.

As for the rest of the agenda, there is just one other item. It is the type of administrative matter usually addressed at these quick morning meetings. Public Works is seeking to award the contract for installing a new septic system at the Town House.

You can see the agenda and packet here. The board will convene in the Town House Hearing Room at 7:30 am on Friday, October 27th.

Note: Southborough Access Media won’t be available to cover this meeting.

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