Vote at Trottier (and everything else you need to know about Tuesday’s election)

Above: When you head out to vote for one of the four candidates, make sure you head towards Trottier. (photos by Susan Fitzgerald)

For 2/3 of Southborough, the most important thing they may need to know about tomorrow’s election is where it takes place.

That’s because the Town has changed its voting procedures beginning with the Tuesday, November 7th election. All three precincts will now vote under one roof, the Trottier Middle School. 

Voting will take place in the school gym (not the Band Room). That means voters should expect to enter through the entrance on the right side of the building. The polls will be open from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm.

Of course, that’s not the only thing that matters. You should also know who to vote for!

I would never tell readers who that is. But there are plenty of people who will – for instance, the candidates. Each candidate has submitted a letter to this blog vying your vote. Under their letters, you may also see some comments from people enthusiastically endorsing them.

(If you haven’t endorsed your favorite candidate yet, feel free to chime in. But I’m not accepting criticisms or loaded questions against specific candidates this late in the game.)

The candidates also responded to a questionnaire by Southborough Wicked Local. And the preservationist-minded may also be interested in a written Q&A on the Historical Society’s website. (According to the post earlier today, all candidates were invited but only two responded.)

Below are the candidates names as printed on the ballot, along with relevant links:

William J. Boland (candidate letter, SWL questionnaire)

Doriann M. Jasinski (candidate letter, SWL questionnaire, HS questionnaire)

Brian G. Shifrin (candidate letter, SWL questionnaire)

Sam R. Stivers (candidate letter, SWL questionnaire, HS questionnaire)

You can also get to know the candidates through their statements and Q&A at Candidates’ Night. You can take a look at the issues raised and take shortcuts to their responses, or view the entire evening. Click here for that.

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Main St Resident
5 years ago


Is this an ongoing change in voting precincts? Trying to get in and out of Trottier was a bit crazy yesterday, and I suspect it’ll be much worse on a larger ballot election day.

Main St Resident
5 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Afternoon. Might have been as it was close to school dismissal, and that may not be an issue if school is cancelled on those days.

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