Scheduling district Pre-K screenings begins next week

Above: Mary Finn School is the Southborough site for the The Northborough/Southborough Public Schools’ Preschool Program (photo via

Our school district’s Preschool Program will be holding screenings for its Southborough location on January 5. If you want your child to be included, it’s time to schedule an appointment.

The screenings aren’t required for children already enrolled in the program. This to qualify new students for enrollment.*

Finn preschool screening 2017 flyer
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The program is described on their website as:

a rich learning environment for students with and without special needs. Our program is dedicated to ensuring that all children learn and develop in a caring, supportive, fun-filled environment.

For more information on the program, visit their site. It includes a brochure that overviews their philosophy, resources, schedule, and tuition rates. It also hosts the parent handbook with a lot more details.

The office will begin scheduling the appointments next week.

To schedule a screening, please call Keri Crichton at 508-460-0941 beginning Tuesday, November 28th through December 20th.

More details are in the flyer, right. 

*General education students must be screened by the preschool team to make sure they are typically developing. Not all children screened may be offered a slot in a preschool classroom. Enrollment is based on availability of slots and classroom composition. When there are more general education students than slots, a waiting list is created. Parents are notified when a slot becomes available

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