Annual Kids’ Shop – December 2

Left: Surveying the goods at the Troop 92 Kids Shop (contributed photo)

There is so much going on Saturday, December 2nd. Here’s another great tradition to add the the list – the Annual Kids Shop.

Each year, kids look forward to Boy Scout Troop 92’s gift shop. It’s the one place children can buy gifts for their families (even pets) without parents’ prying eyes.

While waiting, adults can enjoy refreshments in the “cafe” area right outside the door.

The Woodward School Cafeteria is converted to a kid-safe department store. Tables are stocked with inexpensive items.

Scouts personally escort children to help them select their gifts.

They even wrap the presents for free.

(And if you can’t trust the Boy Scouts to be honest about the kids’ change, who can you trust?)

This year’s Kids Shop will be held on Saturday, December 2 from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Boy Scout Troop 92 Kids Club flyer
(click to enlarge)

Offerings include toys, puzzles, ornaments, mugs, games, calendars, tools, gloves, pet toys, fleece blankets, and much more.

There is something special about the experience.

My children love the shop. They are so excited and proud to pick something out on their own and keep it a secret from everyone until Christmas morning.

It’s worth making the effort to bring your kids by!

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