“St. Mark’s Golf Course” is officially Town owned property

Above: Congratulations. We’re the proud new owners of the 60 acres between Latisquama and Cordaville roads. (image cropped from photo posted to Facebook by Freddie Gillespie)

Just in time to consider it a Christmas gift, Town officials executed the land deal for St. Mark’s Golf Course.

That also means that the land where the current public safety buildings sit is owned by St. Mark’s School. But, to allow for the transition as we build the new public safety facility, the Town has rent-free use of it for three years.

The Town of Southborough issued this announcement today:

The Board of Selectmen are pleased to report that as of yesterday afternoon, December 21, 2017, the land deal with St. Mark’s School has officially been consummated. The Town is now the owner of the 60-acre parcel of land at 36 Cordaville Road, more commonly known as the St. Mark’s Golf Course, of which the majority of the parcel will be put under a Conservation Restriction, save for the portion of the parcel that will be used for the new Public Safety Facility. The Town is committed to continuing the golf course beginning with the 2018 season, and has begun negotiations with New England Golf Corporation, who is currently managing course operations. Police and Fire Departments are now tenants to St. Mark’s School as a result of the land deal, and will remain so rent-free for up to 36 months, providing adequate time for the new facility to be constructed. Construction of the Public Safety Facility is slated to begin in June 2018.

For questions, please contact Town Administrator Mark Purple at 508-485-0710, x3002, or mpurple@southboroughma.com.

Based on the text above, it appears that construction is being pushed out a few months. Earlier presentations had shovels in the ground earlier this spring.

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6 years ago

Beautiful picture Freddie !!
Let the Fun Begin

6 years ago

Are the selectmen free to pursue an agenda that contradicts the overwhelming wishes of the voting population? When we voted for the open space in perpetuity are they obligated to take all required action to fulfill our wishes or can they undermine the process to their own ends?
What checks are in place to restrict them from taking action or failing to take action that does not support the open space in perpetuity?

I’m worried that the selectmen will inject artificial delays into the process so that we will be forced to accept an exception to the in perpetuity restriction to fund the increased cost associated with such delays.

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