Town Election: We’re off to the races

Above: It looks like more residents who stepped up may give voters a reason to show up at the polls this May. (photo by Susan Fitzgerald)

Last week, I posted that we didn’t have enough candidates to fill seats in Southborough’s Town election. Plus, it looked like voters wouldn’t be given any choices to make. The news may have prompted some residents to act.

Before the Friday night deadline, a number of volunteeers stepped forward. Now, not only are there enough candidates to fill seats, we have three contests. Or, at least, we have potential contests.

The new candidates still have to collect voter signatures and file their papers by 5:00 pm tomorrow in order to appear on the ballot. Plus, candidates still have time to withdraw after that deadline.

Here’s an update on where we stand. Below are the positions with more potential candidates than seats:

Board of Selectmenvote for one – 3 year term
Brian Shea – (filed)
Sam Stivers – (pulled)

School Committeevote for two – 3 year term
Jessica Devine – (filed)
Tabetha Bennett – (pulled)
John W. Gobron, Jr. – (pulled)
Jennifer Primack – (pulled)

Board of Trustees Southborough Libraryvote for two – 3 year term
Nicole Debonet – (filed)
Mary Walter – (pulled)
Kimberly Regan – (pulled)
Catherine Biondo – (pulled)

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