Fraud Squad acting out scams at Senior Center – April 25th

Next week, the Southborough Senior Center is hosting a special “performance”. The Fraud Squad Players will be educating seniors on scams:

fraud squad player posterThe “Fraud Squad Players” is a touring group of Family Services/RSVP Volunteers (must be age 55 years and older) who are committed to helping other seniors protect themselves against the ever-growing scams and frauds targeting them. The “squad” does so by acting out scripted scenes depicting real-life stories of attempts (often successful) by fraudsters to separate the elderly from their money.

Accompanying the troupe is an opportunity to discuss the epidemic of frauds targeting seniors and the myriad of ways seniors may be tricked. The discussion with a “peer group” may well be the first time an individual has spoken about a particularly bad experience as embarrassment or fear of loss of independence should a family member find out keeps many from sharing with family.

The event takes place on Wednesday, April 25th at noon with a light lunch followed by a 12:30 pm presentation. There is a suggested donation of $6/ea.

Please sign up at the front desk or call the senior center (508) 229-4453.

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