Car Seat Inspection Day – Saturday

Above: Do you ever worry if your “car seat” is installed properly? (image cropped from flickr by Adrien’s Mama)

This Saturday, two experts will offer their insight to Southborough parents (and caregivers, grandparents, or anyone else who has reason to be driving babies and young children around.) The “trained technicians” will inspect/help install car seats to make sure they are correctly secured.

Car Seat Inspection Day will take place from 9:00 am – noon on Saturday, April 28th in the parking lot behind the Fire Station. The free service is organized by Southborough Kindergroup, with help from Southborough Officer Kevin Landry and resident Jason Malinowski (a Boxborough Fire Lt.).

Consider bringing your kids with you to inspect their fit, too. (from flickr by Bradley Gordon)
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Many studies show the majority of car seats are installed improperly. Stop by to have trained technicians inspect your car seat. The technicians are happy to help with the installation of new car seats, provide advice on whether it is the right car seat for your child, or simply check to make sure your existing car seat is installed properly. Inspections normally take 15 minutes or less (depending on number of seats and their condition).

To help the inspectors, please bring some essentials with you:

Parents/caregivers are asked to have their vehicle manual handy as well as the car seat manual. Part of the installation includes the proper fitting for the child in the car seat. While it is not required, it is strongly encouraged that your child(ren) accompany you to the inspection.

To register, click here and select a 15 minute time slot.

(image above right from flickr by Bradley Gordon)

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