Candidate’s Letter: Nicole DeBonet for re-election as Library Trustee

[Ed note: On May 8th, residents will vote to appoint candidates to five contested seats on three important boards. To help you make that decision, I have invited each of them to submit a letter to readers.]

To the Editor:

My name is Nicole DeBonet and I am running for Trustee for the Southborough Library.

I have lived in Southborough since 2010. When I moved here I looked for ways to get involved in the community and the Library was looking for help with the Friends. I joined the Friends of the Southborough Library and became the Vice President. I loved being on the Friends and helping the Library but I felt I could be even more useful on the Board of Trustees. A vacancy opened a year after I became a Friend and I ran for the spot in 2013. I have been a Trustee ever since.

My tenure on the Board has been exciting. I was on the subcommittee to find a new Director who turned out to be Ryan Donovan. We met and interviewed many interesting candidates and unanimously recommended hiring Director Donovan. Ryan has been an enthusiastic Library supporter and has many ideas for ways to make the Library even better.

I work for the City of Framingham as the business manager for the Police Department. I am responsible for a 15MM$ budget. With this experience I have been focused on helping the Library present a thorough and reasonable budget every year.

I feel like I have been helpful to the Library and Southborough in my tenure and I hope to be able to continue to be a valuable member of the Board of Trustees.
Please consider voting for me on May 8.

Thank you,

Nicole DeBonet
Library Trustee

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