Warning of flash flood danger

by Beth Melo on September 18, 2018

Anyone else get screamed at by their smart phone this morning? My blaring emergency alert prompted me to post.

If you have problematic basements – let’s hope the sump pumps are working.

Southborough was forecast to get 1-3 inches of rain today. That doesn’t sound that bad. But the torrential rain outside my window sure does.

The latest alert now states that a “swath of heavy rain” moving across the warned area (which includes our town) could have rainfall rates at 1-3 inches per hour. The regional warning is currently effective through 2:15 pm.

Flash flooding is expected to begin shortly in some areas though not necessarily in town. “This includes rapid ponding of water in urban poor drainage areas.” 

I don’t consider our town urban – but we are certainly aware of areas with drainage issues. And it wouldn’t be the first time Southborough experienced suddenly flooded streets.

So, take care out there.

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