Southborough’s Striding Pink Warrior setting pace to make strides against Breast Cancer

Above: Southborough’s Robyn Stewart is a proud “Warrior” for Miss Pink in its battle against breast cancer. She’s walking to inspire hope and raise funds for the fight. (photo from Miss Pink’s website)

A Southborough resident will be “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” this weekend. At the September 30th event in Boston, cancer survivor Robyn Stewart will be joining her “Striding Pink Warriors” team to raise funds for the fight.

Promoters asked me to share the pacesetter’s story:*

Robyn, who lives in Southborough with her husband and two daughters is a breast cancer survivor. She discovered she had Cowden Syndrome in 2007, making her more susceptible to some forms of cancer. At the time she also learned that she had Stage 0 breast cancer that was treated with three surgeries and radiation. In 2015 her cancer returned – this time on the other side – and she was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Her treatment included a double mastectomy, attempted reconstruction surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, which included multiple ER visits, emergency surgery and extended hospital stays.

Robyn is a warrior in the fight against cancer and this year is a Pace Setter at Making Strides, having raised over $3,000 for the cause. Her team the Striding Pink Warriors will be making strides on Sunday, September 30th to help raise money and awareness for this important cause.

On her fundraising page, Robyn personally shared:

Like so many others who are walking this September, breast cancer is a very personal cause for me and my family.

striding pink warriors 2017Once again I am excited to join some of the amazing women from my Miss Pink family ( on the Striding Pink Warriors. This walk, in a small way, allows us to remember all of those individuals who are touched by this horrible disease. I believe (and hope and pray) that there will come a day where the pain caused by breast cancer is a thing of the past. And until it arrives, I’m walking to inspire hope to those facing the disease and raising money for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event to help save lives from breast cancer. I am a two time cancer survivor and I will never give up!

Why I Support the American Cancer Society

Every day, the American Cancer Society helps people take steps to reduce their risk of breast cancer or find it early when it is easiest to treat. They provide free information and services when and where people need it throughout their journey to get well. They are investing in innovative research to find, prevent, and treat breast cancer.

I have signed up to walk and fundraise for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. I hope you will consider joining my team and/or making a donation in support of my efforts. Thank you for considering.

As for that “second family”, Robyn’s team shares: 

We are the Warriors from the Miss Pink Pageant! Along with our friends and families we are Survivors of breast cancer and we want to make a difference in the world of battling cancer. We walk together because we know We are Stronger together! Join us!

How We Support the American Cancer Society

Of course we walk in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. And we solicit donations from family, friends, and other supporters. But we also schedule fundraisers in lead-up to the big event. Bake-sales, car washes, and countless other types of events. And we promote those on social media, through Facebook and Twitter, by word of mouth, and through flyers at work and around the neighborhood. The success of fundraising events depends on two things – hard work and getting the word out. And we’re out to do both. Keep an eye out for our fundraising events.

Join us. Donate today. Or walk with us.

*Sharing Robyn’s story was a no-brainer. I’m thrilled to toot the horn of someone I’m proud to call a friend. But I’m also always happy to share stories of residents raising funds and doing good. If you have one to share, email

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