Next week in Government: Superintendent Search & Start Time Study Group (and Fire Chief Screening)

Most Monday’s, I highlight the meetings of the week. But occasionally, an early-week meeting deserves an advance heads up. The “Combined Special Open Meeting” scheduled for Monday night fits the bill.

Northborough and Southborough district school committees have are holding a special meeting not on their regular schedule. Given the importance some of you place on some of the agenda items, I didn’t want to wait for my start-of-the week post to share it.

[While I’m at it – I should mention that the Fire Chief Screening Committee will hold its second meeting on Monday morning at 8:00 am.*]

The Combined K-12 committees will talk about the search process for a new Superintendent. Superintendent Christine Johnson is set to retire at the end of the school year.

The superintendent oversees ten schools (each with its own principal) across two towns and three districts (Southborough K-8, Northborough K-8, and the regional high school.) The September announcement previewed that a search committee would soon be formed. The combined meeting is the first agenda to address the search.

The last time the committees ran a superintendent search, it was internal only. Given members’ comments after she applied, it appeared that they had hoped to promote Assistant Superintendent Johnson. She was the only internal applicant and they weren’t interested in considering outside contenders.

The retirement announcement wasn’t the only significant news out of the administration in September.

At the Combined Committee meeting prior to the announcement, members agreed to form a task force to dig into possible solutions for the high school’s early start time. At the time, they agreed to schedule a special meeting this fall to vote on how the group should be comprised. “Start Time Study Group” will also be covered on Monday.

Rounding out the agenda are discussing the Superintendent’s Goals and minutes that include closed-to-the-public Executive Sessions that took place in June and September. (I know some readers were curious about those.)

The meeting will be held in the Algonquin library (79 Bartlett St, Northborough) at 7:00 pm.

* I missed posting the first Fire Chief Screening Committee meeting in time last Monday. You can check out this Monday’s agenda here. If the committee continues on a Monday morning track, I may regularly miss sharing the agendas. So, if you’re interested, be sure to sign up for the Town’s e-alerts. That’s an option for any of the committees you are interested in following.

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5 years ago

When will the Advisory Committee start posting the documents it is using in it’s meetings when it posts the agenda? This would greatly help with transparency and is the protocol for other committees.

John Kendall
5 years ago

It would be nice if the Fire Chief Screening Committee could have their meetings in the evening. It would be easier for the working class to attend.

5 years ago

Mr Kendall I thought you retired?

John Kendall
5 years ago

Retired from the fire department. I work part time as a phlebotomist at Marlborough Hospital. A necessary evil. The pension never changes but costs go up!

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