Main Street Reconstruction Update: Tree clearing and water work this week

At the start of the month, Public Works warned that Main Street Reconstruction work would begin in April with dates TBD. As I previously shared, this year’s work will focus on tree clearing and drainage.

Today, Monday, April 22nd, the Town updated:

Tree work is starting on Main Street this week.

Water by-pass will begin by end of week. By-pass work will start near Sears Road.

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4 years ago


Nice job taking down ALL of the trees at the Burnett house bordering Parkerville Road.

Thanks for NOTHING!

I guess this is just the start of the rape of west Main St. and any remaining privacy the trees would have provided.

Oh – no problem – they’ll grow right back in a couple of hundred years…

Pat D
4 years ago
Reply to  nice_job

Could not believe, what appears to be, unnecessary tree work!!! I could understand if these trees were on Main St., but Parkerville Road is not part of this road work. Very sorry to see them cut down!

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