Officials talk up 495/MassPike interchange project

Above: The 495/MetroWest Partnership is continuing to push the importance of a 495-MassPike interchange construction project for the regional economy.

A meeting held by the 495/MetroWest Partnership included a subject that impacts many commuters and businesses in our town – the state’s project to improve the 495-MassPike interchange. Local media coverage included some details worth sharing – like potential costs.

Wicked Local’s coverage of the meeting in Marlborough focused on our neighbors’ US Congress Representative Laurie Trahan. According to the article she showed support for the project.

The meeting brought together state and federal officials and developers. Some of the talk centered on the need to reduce traffic for businesses based in our region. The 495-90 project was seen as a critical part of that:

Jonathan Gulliver, highway administrator for the state’s Department of Transportation, said transportation is key to economic development. The state is working to redesign the 495-Mass Pike interchange to handle increased freight traffic and getting employees to work.

The new high-speed connection will help ease congestion with a higher traffic capacity and improve safety.

The price tag is expected to be $296 million to $413 million, depending on which option is selected. A 25 percent design public hearing is expected in 2020.

Trahan, who is still within the first 100 days of her congressional term, said she signed a letter of support for an infrastructure grant for the interchange along with other members of the state delegation.

“We’re proud to do that,” she said. “You look at how vital that intersection is not just from freight and transportation point of view but also for safety.”

You can read the full article here.

Although the Metrowest Partnership in the past has championed the need for improvements with the nearby Route 9/495 interchange, there was no mention of that in the article. The project map continues to outline the 495 section of the project as starting just south of the Rte 9 cloverleaf.

Looking at the state’s information on the project, it doesn’t look like there has been any official status change since I shared news last August. The project is still listed as under environmental review with eventual construction envisioned from 2022-2026.

And it appears that they are still accepting comments. (That interactive map does also allow you to comment on issues for nearby roads in our town, including Route 9, and it looks like some people already have.) You can read more here.

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