Vacancies on Conservation and Historical commissions and more

by beth on May 1, 2019

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Above: The Town of Southborough continually points out the need for volunteers on its website. So, you may not have noticed when new opportunities opened up.

The Town issued news about a vacancy on the Conservation Commission. I decided, it’s also time to take a look at what other vacancies still need filling. In looking, I discovered that the Historical Commission currently has three vacancies. (And with one of their members running for Board of Selectmen this month, that could become four soon.)

Those are just some of the seats that members may want to step up to fill. There is also a vacancy on the Zoning Board of Appeals, two on both Council on Aging and the Southborough Scholarship Committee and many more. 

Scroll down for the full list. But first, here is the Conservation Commission’s call to serve:


The town is looking for residents with interests in wetlands and rivers protection, open space, ecology, or stormwater management to fill an open seat on the Southborough Conservation Commission (SCC). As a Conservation Commissioner, you can look forward to many challenging and rewarding experiences. We currently have one immediate vacancy and two additional spots opening up as of July 1st.

The SCC is responsible for the administration of the MA Wetlands Protection Act (WPA), a state law governing activities in and immediately adjacent to local wetlands, waterways and floodplains, the Southborough Wetlands Bylaw, and the Stormwater and Erosion Control Bylaw. The SCC also oversees conservation lands in town with the guidance and help of the Stewardship Committee and local organizations.

The SCC holds regularly scheduled public meetings each month on Thursday evenings (every 21 days) at 7pm to review applications, issue permits, and conduct other business related to the management of Southborough’s natural resource areas. Our next meeting is on May 9th and we encourage those who may be interested to attend and ask any questions you may have!

The SCC consists of seven members appointed by the Board of Selectmen to serve three-year terms, is supported by a Conservation Agent, and employs the services of environmental and engineering consultants who provide peer reviews of projects. Technical knowledge is not needed to become a Commissioner, but a willingness to learn is highly appreciated!

Southborough residents with a love of nature and being outdoors are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested, please submit a Volunteer Form, resume, and letter of interest to the Board of Selectmen’s office at the Southborough Town House or here. Have questions? Please call Melissa at the Conservation office at 508-281-8984.

You can find more information on the commission here. The volunteer form for that post and the others below can be found here.

This list is winnowed down from the vacancies listed on the Town website. I omitted inactive committees and most seats reserved for specific representatives. (I did include and note specific representatives when those were from committees that also have vacancies.)

Each of the following committees have one vacancy unless otherwise noted. You can find more information on their linked pages: 

Advisory Committee (2 vacancies)
Affordable Housing Trust Fund Committee
Americans with Disabilities Act Committee (2 vacancies – plus Coordinator)
Board of Commissioners of Trust Funds
Cable Television Committee (2 vacancies)
Community Preservation Committee (3 vacancies – at-large, Housing, and Historical reps)
Conservation Commission
Council on Aging (2 vacancies – member and alternate)
Economic Development Committee
Historical Commission (3 vacancies)
Main Street Working Group (2 vacancies)
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
PILOT Committee (3 vacancies – new committee with applications due soon – click here for my prior coverage)
Southborough Housing Authority
(SHOPC) Southborough Housing Opportunity Partnership Committee
Southborough Scholarship Advisory Committee (2 vacancies)
Southborough Stewardship CommitteeConservation rep
Taxation Aid Committee
Zoning Board of Appealsalternate

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