Candidate’s Night: Video and local media highlights

Last Thursday, the four men running for the Board of Selectmen addressed voters at the Southborough Library’s Candidates’ Night. Southborough Access Media posted the video over the weekend. You can watch that below or here.*

For those of you looking for highlights, Wicked Local covered candidates responses to questions about downtown zoning and increasing PILOT donations from non-profits. You can read that here.

[Editor’s Note: Those of you interested in the downtown zoning issues, stay tuned for my coverage later today of last week’s discussion between the Planning Board and Economic Development Committee.]

*It appears that SAM accidentally posted the video to an Admin channel on YouTube rather than the Southborough Access Media Channel. It’s possible that it will be moved. If get an error when you try to play, look for it on their regular channel here.

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3 years ago

Good luck to all the candidates. It sounds like we have some good choices this year. I think the legal background of Healy is extremely impressive. I don’t know of anyone that cares or is as informed regarding the town as Sam is. He truly cares about what is happening in town. I didn’t know much before the video on Hubley. I’m confused by Stephen David’s comments on developing the golf course? The golf course is protected and makes me wonder if he’s been paying attention at all. I’m also curious about his relationship with Dipietri as his signs are all over Capital Group Properties including right in front of Park Central. I’m sure this doesn’t go over well with the Northside residents, Breakneck and Oregon Rd areas. Buyer beware with Dipietri candidates

3 years ago

I to wonder about the relationship between Stephen David and Mr Dipietri.

Say What Again?
3 years ago

On Candidate’s Night, there were audible gasps and shuffling in the room when Mr. Stephen David spoke to developing the golf course. He clearly upset the audience with his lack of knowledge on the matter. With the full support of town residents, there is a conservation restriction on the golf course after months and months of wrangling with Mr. Rooney, Mr. Kolenda and all. What kind of candidate is this that he is not up to speed on town politics enough to know that the golf course is now protected from future development with the whole hearted support of the voters? Also, he quit Advisory Committee because he did not like certain aspects and disagreements, what happens when Board of Selectmen disagree, does he quit then too? (By the way, Mr. Healy had a good comment about leadership and being elected Chair versus quitting.) The Stephen David signs on Capital Group owned properties does make you wonder about that relationship. Thanks but no thanks.

Also, can someone who knows please comment about Mr. Hubley’s signs on the developer’s property at 84 Main Street, the luxury b&b? Mr. Hubley is the Chair of the Historical Commission which is actually overseeing the enforcement of the conservation restriction on that very property, as well as the Fayville Hall property to the same developer. Is this a conflict of interest? Is the sign placement and influence factor prohibited and an appearance of conflict of interest? This does not sit right. He is supposed to be overseeing enforcement over that developer, but there are five of his signs on that property. Anybody?

Cautiously Optimistic
3 years ago

I too attended Candidates’ Night. Mr. Stivers and Mr. Healey clearly have the better handle on the town’s issues and the requisite experience to deal with them. Mr. Hubley’s background is ok but not nearly as relevant as Stivers and Healey. I don’t know why Mr. David is even running. One should not start their town service with the BOS. You need to work up to that office over time. If Healey and Stivers win I think we will have a very talented BOS that should be able to start being more proactive.

3 years ago

Are there two seats open?

3 years ago
Reply to  Beth Melo

Thank you.

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