Algonquin prom pics available online

Above: A professional photographer captured some of the fun at ARHS prom. Now, you can take a gander (images cropped from Facebook post)

Algonquin held its Junior Prom over the weekend. Photographer Jeff Slovin shared on social media that pictures are available for free download. 

Jeff Slovin Photography ARHS 2019 prom siteYou can get a load of the glamorous young ladies and gents on his website here.

Heading into to prom, the school’s paper posted a story on the downside of the big milestone – the expense. The Harbinger wrote:

From attire to transportation, there are a myriad of expenses associated with prom. According to a Harbinger survey of 124 juniors and seniors from March 29 to April 5 through Google Forms, 18 percent of students spent between $301 and $400 on the event, followed by 17 percent that spent between $101 and $200 and 13 percent that spent between $401 and $500.

Of the survey respondents who had already attended prom, only 35 percent indicated that they believe they spent the right amount of money. For the remaining 65 percent, the overall cost they put towards prom night was more than what they believe they should have spent.

You can read more on that here.

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