Photos: Law abiding geese

Above: Geese choose not to go afowl of the law last week. (photo by Mike Robbins)

Southborough’s Chris Robbins shared a photo his son captured last week of geese at the Wachusett Aquaduct bridge crossing on Deerfoot Road.

Here’s his tongue in cheek commentary that came with it:

An estimated 24 Geese and their goslings decided to follow the rules and use the cross walk. Heck, if the birds can do it, we should all be able to follow their example.

Geese are monogamous and life time partners and give birth 2-9 goslings each year. They ware almost hunted to extinction in the 1920s. Conservationists came to the rescue and now flocks of thousands fly the airways. HONK!

Because I can’t fit the full sized photo on the site, I’ve inserted three cropped pieces below so you can enjoy a better look. Click on the images to enlarge.

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Carl Guyer
5 years ago

Run afowl of the law ? Of course not, no Jay walking here, they don’t want to be jail birds….

5 years ago

Great picture. We had to chuckle!

Mary Lou Simms
5 years ago

They’re so funny They never cease to entertain us.

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