St. Mark’s School bringing field lighting project to Town boards

Above: Site of a lighting project St. Mark’s School is seeking approval for from Town boards this summer. (image cropped from plans)

St. Mark’s School has plans to light an athletic field at 25 Marlboro Road.  The school has filed for height and brightness variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals. It is also seeking permit approvals from the Planning Board and Conservation Commission.

The Planning Board’s packet for a hearing a week from today includes a letter from the school explaining the:

proposal to install athletic field lighting at their existing synthetic turf field – Sargent Field (formerly Clark Field). . .

St. Mark’s recently submitted a Variance Application to the Zoning Board of Appeals requesting a variance to the light poles and fixture heights on May 30, 2019. St. Mark’s will also be submitting a Notice of Intent to the Conservation Commission for work within the buffer zone to the adjacent bordering vegetated wetland. Note that based on discussions with the Conservation Department the project will seek a Stormwater Management Permit (SMP) Bylaw Waiver as the installation of the poles and/or conduit will not change the stormwater patterns, rates or volumes at the site. . .

The proposed project is located on St. Mark’s Athletic Campus located on Route 85, west of the main campus area. Specifically, the proposed project is located at the existing synthetic turf field – Sargent Field (formerly Clark Field). The proposed project will install four (4) athletic light poles at the perimeter of the existing field and one (1) additional light pole along the pathway between the field and Route 85. The poles will be fed from an existing electrical panel in a utility shed located near the field. . . 

The Planning Board hearing, scheduled for Monday, July 8th at 8:00 pm is for Major Site plan approval. You can find more details here. The agenda is here.

The ZBA hearing is scheduled for July 17th at 7:00 pm. You can find that agenda here. Nothing is yet posted for Conservation, though their schedule has their next likely meeting on July 11th.

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