Public Safety Building Update: Still on track for August 13th (Updated)

Above: The June report on the new safety complex demonstrates progress inside and out.

Did my earlier post on Golf Course construction make you wonder about the building project that made that work necessary? It’s time for another update on the new Public Safety complex.

The Public Safety Building Committee shared its July progress report this week. It characterizes the project as 88% done as of June 30th.

The PSBC Chair’s email added that the project is still on schedule for August 13th “substantial completion”.* That date is the same one that I shared in mid-June, but a change from the May report. The new report explains:

The Town, Vertex, and Conext discussed the schedule in great detail over the past month. It was determined that a new substantial completion date will now be August 13, 2019. Part of this agreement was that CTA provide an updated schedule weekly (every Friday before the close of business). CTA has continued to provide the updates to date; and the latest schedule from 06.28.19, indicates no set-backs at this time.

Under Issues/Concerns, the Owner’s Project Manager (Vertex) shared one potential snag:

At the time of this report, Vertex’s main concern is getting permanent power on in the building, as it could potentially have an impact on the schedule.

That seems unlikely given the summary of electrical work given under Construction Activity, on the prior page:

Permanent power has been delivered by N-grid. The electrician is schedule to “liven-up” the building by the middle of July. Rough-in work for the entire building is approximately 90%, Finishes are approximately 80% on the interior. Exterior finishes will likely start at the end of July

Other Progress details included:

Site work is on-going. Paving is scheduled for the beginning of July. Once completed, that will leave curbing, landscaping, final paving and linestriping to finish with site work. . . 

Car port steel is scheduled to be installed early next month. 

Plumbing , HVAC, and Interior Work:
Plumbing finishes are approximately 90% complete, HVAC finishes are approximately 90% complete. Town vendors (dispatch furniture, E-911, WB Mason, Motorola) are scheduled throughout next month.

To read the full report, click here.

*The schedule has always noted “substantial completion” rather than fully complete. Presumably, that is the date when the building should be fully operational to support departments moving in. In recent months, the PSBC specifically agreed to have some of the landscaping fixes wait until after that date.

Update (7/12/19 7:37 am): The PSBC Chair, Jason Malinowski shared an update/clarification on the potential electrical issue noted in the report:

Good news is that the building has live power ahead of schedule. The issue was not necessarily finishing the electrical work, but getting the elevator inspected by the state (which you need permanent power for), and then once inspected, it’ll allow for furniture to be delivered to the 2nd floor.

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3 years ago

I hope they have a grand opening with tours for the public. We have put a lot of money into this building and it is the first large scale public building that I can ever remember happening in the 30 years I have been in town. This is not only a building for the Police and Fire but for the townspeople too. I remember Framingham gave tours of their new building after it was completed. It is good PR as well.

John Kendall
3 years ago

I’m positive the doors will open for a public tour when the building is complete. The last large scale public building project was the Trottier School

3 years ago

Heavy firetrucks driving on or sitting on soft, newly paved, uncured asphalt, especially in the very high heat of July and August, is likely to cause damage. I’m curious how the paving contractor plans to prevent such damage from occuring. .

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