Southborough job listings: Harvard Depository Operations; Public School positions (including Asst. Principal of Algonquin)

I received another request to post a job available in Southborough.

In running the post, I checked up again on government job listings. Unsurprisingly, there are multiple openings in the school system – two have application deadlines in the next couple of days.

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Harvard Depository

Operations Specialist – Library Assistant IV

The Harvard Depository is a customer-focused storage facility housing primarily paper-based library collections and records. . . Founded by the Harvard University Library in 1986, the Depository provides cost-effective media storage in the best environmental conditions available. The staff of sixteen shares a common mission to meet client expectations for service and reliability.

Duties and Responsibilities:

In a team setting, this position will be responsible for performing activities that include the following:

  • Sizing, sorting, counting, and scanning new items into the Depository database.
  • Shelving trays and boxes in warehouse setting.
  • Operating electric lift equipment to heights of 35 feet.​
  • Retrieving, sorting, and refiling circulating items.
  • Generating reports and verifying the accuracy of activity.
  • Adjusting, labeling, scanning shelves.
  • Executing projects of various types, which may include checking inventory, assembling boxes, adjusting shelving units in warehouse, relocating media, as required.

To view the complete position description and to apply, click here.

Northborough-Southborough Public Schools

Recently, the school district posted more job openings for Southborough schools and Algonquin. All have application deadlines coming up soon:

Assistant Principal, Algonquin Regional High School, (click here for details) – apply by July 19

Occupational Therapist, Public Schools of Northborough and Southborough, One Year Position, (click here for details) – apply by July 18

English Language Development Teacher, K-5 Public Schools in Northborough and Southborough, (click here for details) – apply by July 22

Chemistry Teacher, Algonquin Regional High School, (click here for details) – apply by July 22

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