KofC Free Throw contest for kids – February 3

Above: Knights of Columbus are again encouraging kids to show off their shooting skills.
(image from old competition guide)

KofC 2019 free throw participantsKnights of Columbus Southborough is holding its annual Free Throw Competition for 9-14 year old boys and girls.

(To see winners at last year’s in-town competition, click on the image right.)

The event is free fun for basketball lovers. But for some kids, it’s also a big deal.

Age group winners move on to the district competition with a chance at regional and state competitions February – April. If the winner cannot attend the next level, the runner-up gets the spot.

Come prepared when you bring the kids that night. Because of the stakes, players are required to show proof of age, show parental consent, and provide an email contact. You will also need to complete a registration form. (Note: participants in the Southborough chapter’s competition must be Southborough residents.)

The competition takes place on Monday, February 3rd at Trottier Middle School. Registration opens at 6:00 pm with shooting starting at 6:30.

Details of the competition are the same as in past years:

  • 2020 KoC Free Throw contest flyerPlayers get 3 warm-ups followed by 15 shots
  • 12-14 year-olds shoot from foul line
  • 9-11 year-olds shoot from 12 feet
  • Boy and Girl winner and runner up are selected by best score for each age
  • Tie breaker(s) – 5 shots each until a winner and runner-up are determined

For more details on the rules, see the kofc competition guide’s rules and regs pages. (You can see the full guide book here.)

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