Woodland Meadows Affordable Housing lottery: Open House Saturday, apply by March 28

Above: Two duplexes in Southborough are for sale through a lottery of qualified Affordable Housing applicants. (images cropped from info packet)

The Town of Southborough has posted notice on an upcoming Affordable Housing lottery.

The Town has posted information about units available again at the Woodland Meadows 40B development. Two units are available to be allotted in this round.* Each unit will be sold to:

an eligible first time homebuyers (certain exceptions apply) which will be distributed by lottery. These homes include two bedrooms, 1 ½ baths, and a one car garage in approximately -/+ 1320 sq. ft. This application is for the last two remaining affordable units. The purchase price has been set at $202,200. The units will be sold by lottery as outlined in this package.
Please review the enclosed information packet in detail and complete the application and disclosure statement at the rear of the packet. The current monthly condo fee is $125 and the 2020 tax rate is $16.66 per thousand.

As noted, you must be qualified under specific affordable guidelines to qualify. But anyone qualified for the pool can apply. (There won’t be a unit held for a “local preference” as there was four years ago.)

The deadline to apply is March 28th.** Qualified applicants will be chosen by lottery on Monday, April 6th at 6:00 pm at 7 Fayville Lane.

That property is also the site of the Open House. (Though a note indicates that to find it on maps you should use GPS for 9 Oak Hill Road.) The Open House is this Saturday, March 14th, from 11:00 am – 12:30 pm.

Woodland Meadows unitsEach duplex unit is 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, and approximately 1,320 square feet with a one car garage. The specific properties are shown as 7 and 9 Fayville Lane. (Click image left to enlarge.)

7 Fayville will be available for “immediate occupancy”. 9 Fayville’s occupation availability is TBD with an estimate of Summer 2020. The packet notes:

If you choose not to purchase the property, you will go to the bottom of the list and will likely NOT have another opportunity.

Woodland Meadows flyer
(click to open pdf)

The information packet (here) has the most details on the property, process, and qualifications for applying – plus the application. But the 2 page flyer (right) offers a quick overview.

*The memo posted on the Town’s website includes what appears to be a recycled description from the 2016 lottery. It refers to the development as new and promotes that four 2-bedroom units are being offered. But later details and the agent’s flyer confirm that only two 2 Bedroom duplexes are for sale through the affordable housing lottery.

**There appears to be a second error in the information packet. In regular print on the first page, and confirmed on the property flyer, the deadline for completed applications is specified as postmarked by March 28th with the lottery to be held on April 6th. But on the posted application (page 9 of the packed), a large header states an April 6th application deadline. (I’ve left a message asking for clarification, but have yet to hear back.) To be safe, I’d strongly advise going with the earlier deadline. But you can follow up directly with MCO Housing Services at 978-456-8388 or lotteryinfo@mcohousingservices.com. 

Updated (3/12/20 10:18 am): I confirmed with MCO that the deadline is March 28th to apply. It sounds like they will be revising the posted packet to eliminate confusion.

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