Virus update: Town services that are still available (Updated)

The Town issued another update on the Covid-19 impacts to Southborough. There are still no confirmed infections among residents.

It appears that there has been confusion about what Town services are and aren’t available now that the offices are generally closed to the public. The memo sought to clarify. The Transfer Station will still operate during regular hours (though the Swap Shop will remain closed).

Other updates included details on the Building Department and Youth and Family Services.

Building Department

In order to protect staff and residents alike from community spread of COVID-19, the Building Department will be limiting inspections to “essential” inspections only, effective immediately. “Essential” inspections include, but not limited to:

  • New Construction of homes where no one is living.
  • Any of the following systems that are not able to be operational unless there is an inspection:
    • Kitchen facilities
    • Bathroom facilities
    • Water supply
    • Hot water supply
    • Heating facilities
  • Other inspections as determined by the Building Commissioner.

This information can also be found on the Town website at the following link:

Youth and Family Services

Director Sarah Cassell and her staff are trying to find ways to provide services to clients through online and other means, in order to limit social interactions during this pandemic. You are able to keep up to date on this and other issues pertaining to Youth & Family Services, as well as find out how to access these services, at the following link:

In other news, The Town’s IT department is continuing to work on providing a

virtual meeting solution that is consistent with the Governor’s Emergency Order on March 12, 2020, so that essential government meetings can be held while maintaining the desired social distancing.

For the full memo click here. For the latest from the Town on the situation, you can click here for their update page and here to subscribe to email alerts.

Updated (3/18/2020 9:43 am): My links for the Building Dept and SYFS weren’t working properly. They are now fixed.

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