Photographers: Interested in helping with a Southborough version of #THEFRONTSTEPSPROJECT?

Calling all photographers in town – Are you interested in collaborating on a special charitable project?

Southborough’s Chelsea Bradway reached out to me about a story out of Needham that inspired her. She is hoping to find a way to use the idea for our own community.

Needham’s Cara Soulia launched a special photography project. While keeping social distance, she photographs families sitting on their front steps and donates the fee to charity. The photographer told NBC10:

 People are working from home, their kids are home, and we’re all just together under our roofs. It’s such a unique time in our history and feels like it needs to be documented

Bradway was looking to talk about how the idea could be put to work in Southborough. She’d like to use it to help lift community spirits and support a cause within our community.

While Bradway is an artist and photographer, it’s not her full time job. She doesn’t have the capacity to take on the project by herself. I suggested that other photographers in town may be interested in brainstorming. Since some people who make a living at photography may be taking an economic hit, she is open to just a portion of fees going to charity.

If you are a photographer (by trade or a skilled hobbyist), you can contact Bradway at to help brainstorm what might work for Southborough front steps. Her email address is

If you’re interested in learning more about the project that inspired here, check out the story tweeted by NBC10 below:

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4 years ago

Do these people understand how incredibly catching this contagion is? It is spreading exponentially and most authorities are asking people to do their part and stay home. This virus can survive on clothing and shoes. For goodness sake, look at what first responders and medical staff are wearing to stop spread. First responders all over this country are being deeply affected. It is irresponsible and possibly putting families at risk by going from door to door. And collecting money to boot? Stay home!! Do your part like everyone else!!

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