Small Businesses: Apply for payroll protection loan by Friday and other helpful news from EDC

Above: The EDC is helping small businesses in Southborough find the information they need for state and federal assistance. (I highlighted the relevant section of the websites screenshot)

Southborough’s Economic Development Committee has been updating its website with resources for small businesses impacted by Covid-19. The EDC writes:

State and Federal assistance is available for small businesses. For continuously updated information and links to resources, please visit the EDC website.

The info, the EDC is referring to is a section on the EDC page of the Town website. In large desktop view, it’s available in the upper right section of the page. In mobile or narrower screen views, scroll down to find the “News & Announcements” section. (Or click here.)

The committee has been posting news since mid-March. Here are the list of links as of this morning (from most recent to oldest):

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