Looking at Easter in Southborough: Bunny visit, egg hunt, and a church parade

Above: The Bunny visited Southborough on Saturday (image cropped from SFD Facebook post)

While social distancing made Easter festivities a challenge this spring, the community made the most of it. I’m sure mine wasn’t the only family using video conferencing to reunite with families on Sunday. But not everything relied on the internet.

Easter Bunny and Egg Hunt

To make up for not holding a community Egg Hunt this year, Southborough Kindergroup encouraged an egg scavenger hunt last week. On Saturday, the Southborough Fire Department drove the Easter Bunny around neighborhoods and allowed drive by visits at the station. 

Thank you to SFD for Facebook posting (and for bringing the special visitor to town) and Southborough Kindergroup for the sharing the additional photos below (and helping make this month fun):

Easter Bunny greetings (cropped from SFD Facebook)  Easter Bunny fun at the public safety building (cropped from contributed photo) bunny waving (cropped from photo posted to Southborough Community Outreach sponsored by Kindergroup page) bunny sighting (cropped from photo posted to Southborough Community Outreach sponsored by Kindergroup page) Egg hunt fun (cropped from contributed photo)

Egg hunt fun (cropped from contributed photo) Egg hunt fun (cropped from contributed photo)

St. Matthew’s Car Parade

On Sunday, members of St. Matthew’s Church showed their love for their parish priest Father Flynn. While Flynn stood in the gazebo, a parade of cars passed by (many with signs) to signal their appreciation. Cars lined up at Finn School to start with help from Southborough Police.

Fr. Flynn shared a video on Facebook of the parade by Tom McHugh. It included the following images:

Flynn parade led by old fire truck (cropped from video) Flynn parade lineup (cropped from video) Father Flynn greeting parading congregation cropped from video (cropped from video)

On Facebook, Fr Flynn thanked those involved:

Thank you for the wonderful parade today. Made me more appreciative of the wonderful community I pastor. Especially grateful to Hurley family and the Southborough Police.

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don't try this at home
4 years ago

Its certainly disappointing to see the Easter Bunny and FooBar the Firefighter providing a POOR example by NOT practicing social distancing. Let’s hope they were thoroughly rinsed off with a fire hose after the photo was taken – like they did in Birmingham, AL.

Which one (maybe both?) will not be available for their duties in the future?

Some people STILL don’t get it…

Well, the bunny is hare-brained, but what’s the firefighter’s excuse? CommCan smoke inhalation?

4 years ago

Oh, you think that the Easter Bunny is a real giant bunny! I’m sorry to be the one who breaks this to you, but that bunny is actually a person in a bunny costume wearing a full head mask.

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