Southborough family on front lines of pandemic in Boston

If you’re a Southborough resident, chances are you know at least one healthcare worker living in our town. A story by Boston 25 News highlights a Southborough family that has four, all treating Covid-19 patients.

On the news website, the story explains:

Four members of a Southborough family are nurses treating COVID-19 patients at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“We actually all live within a five-minute radius of each other,” said Kristina Wickman.

She said she’s very close with her two sisters and parents. The three sisters had babies within a few months of each other last year. Two of those sisters are also nurses treating COVID-19 patients along with their mom and brother-in-law.

You can read more about the family (or view the segment) here

A big thanks to them and all of the healthcare and other essential workers in our community.

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