Golf Course also available for walking

Above: Trails aren’t the only places open for walking these days (photo by Beth Melo)

It turns out that more than one open space was announced as available for walking at this week’s Board of Selectmen meeting. Southborough Golf Club’s management told Town Administrator Mark Purple that the public is welcome to walk the course.

[If you missed the other announcement, it was the reopening of Chestnut Hill Farm’s trails tomorrow.]

Purple stressed that golfing is still prohibited. Parking in front of the course entrance will remain closed to avoid golfers driving up with bags. But you can ignore any no trespassing signs (which will be replaced) and enjoy a good walk.

The TA advised that people should probably stick to fairways and off of greens and tees.

Based on another update Tuesday night, I’d hazard that the Town wouldn’t welcome use of sand traps as sandboxes for kids to play in. (It appears that some kids were making use of the sand pit at Trottier’s track in that way.  Others were making use of the inner field. The misuse of the facility, intended to be only open for walking the track, forced police to intervene. Officials hope that covering the pit and putting up more signage on the track’s field will prevent future issues.)

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4 years ago

It was great to be able to walk the course today. We did see a few people walking their dogs on the course. As we walked around, we found that people don’t seem to think they need to pick up after their dogs. Please be considerate of other people walking the course!

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