Town seeking volunteers to help at Chestnut Hill Farm trails

Above: The Town is asking for help maintaining safety at the trails that reopened today. (image cropped from Facebook)

The Town of Southborough issued a call for help this afternoon. The agreement the Town negotiated for reopening trails at Chestnut Hill Farm included the promise of volunteers to help maintain safety.

It looks like more hands are needed on deck. Specifically, they’re hoping for volunteers familiar with the trails:

Chestnut Hill Trails – Volunteers needed

In partnership with the Trustees of Reservation, the Conservation Commission is looking for volunteers to aid in helping ensure the safety of those who visit Chestnut Hill trails over the next few weeks. We are looking for someone who is familiar with the trails at the farm along with other available town properties and can aid in letting those know when the parking lot is full since we are not allowing parking along the roadway to keep everyone safe on the property.

We are specifically looking for people available on Saturday and Sundays from 10-1 or 1-4 (or all day) or those who would be willing to walk the trails a few times during the day to ensure visitors are staying outside of the roped area.

If you have any interest, please send an email to with a brief background of yourself and your familiarity with these properties!

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