Conservation Commission on Thursday; Hearings being held, but not for Park Central

The Conservation Commission posted an agenda for a meeting tomorrow night. For the first time since meetings went virtual, the commission will hold public hearings. But, one of the 9 listed hearings won’t really be heard—Park Central’s hearing will be continued to a future date.

The agenda for Thursday, July 9th lists the following Public Hearings:

1. Continued Notice of lntent & Stonnwater Management Permit- 16-18 Middle Road (Map 54, Parcels 19 & 20)
2. Continued Notice of Intent- 12 MacNeil Drive (Map 45, Lot 12)
3. Continued Notice of lntent – 32 Boston Road (Map 55, Lot 70)
4. Continued Notice of Intent- Park Central, 0 Turnpike Road (Map 33, 41 , 24, 25 & Lots 4, 4A, 3, 5)
5. Stormwater Management Permit – 7 Chestnut Hill Road (Chestnut Hill Farm), Map (62, Lot 4)
6. Notice of Intent – Sudbury Reservoir Boat Ramps
7. Notice of Intent – 28 Granuaile Road (Map 50, Lot 51)
8. Notice of Intent – Lot 4 Granuaile Road (Map 50, Lot 51)
9. Request for Determination of Applicability – CSX Right-of-Way

For the first time since meetings have been hold via zoom instead of in a public meeting room, the agenda didn’t include the following statement:

The purpose of this meeting is for continuance of public hearings; not for deliberation or action on the hearings.

I followed up with Conservation Agent Melissa Danza to confirm the hearings were all being held. She informed me that due to the active interest from the public in the Park Central hearing, they are again postponing it. They hope that the public will be able to attend meetings in person when Park Central hearings resume.

The other hearings will be held. And there is quite a large meeting packet posted for them. You can access that here. (I personally had trouble reading it through dropbox, but was able to download a pdf for easier reading.)

Other items on the agenda include: Violation at 0 Southville Road; Housing Production Plan; Request for Certificate of Compliance for CSX Culvert; and Update on Chestnut Hill Farm Trails.

You can read the full agenda here. To join the meeting or view it streaming, click here.

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