The Internship Initiative led by Southborough teens

Above: A website developed by now-recent graduates from Algonquin works to pair high school students seeking internships with companies seeking interns. (images cropped from website)

I have another story about Southborough teens working together to offer a service. This one is the Internship Initiative.

Southborough’s Oscar Hong reached out to me about the project. It’s not actually new, but it’s new to me – and therefore, maybe to some of you.

Back in 2018, Hong and his friend Joe Zhang were Algonquin juniors hoping to line up an internship. They were frustrated that not having personal connections meant lack of opportunities. They turned that frustration into an opportunity. 

The duo came up with an idea to help other high school students. They launched a website called the Internship Initiative. Hong explains:

In a nutshell, our platform works by allowing high school applicants to apply to as many businesses in our database as they desire with a single application. On the commercial side, businesses offering high school internships on our platform get direct access to an often overlooked pool of young talent. Everything we do is free of charge.

You can learn more about the opportunity on their website

Hong tells me that he and Zhang are taking the website and company with us through college to grow it even more. Along the way, other Algonquin students teamed up with them to help. Some of them, like the founders, are now former students.

The Algonquin Harbinger featured a story on the group in 2019. The Community Advocate wrote about them this past January. (You can look at photos of the team from 2019 and more recently below.)

The 2019 team from website Current team behind Internship Initiative from website

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