Rent and Mortgage Assistance applications now being accepted on rolling basis

As I shared last week, selectmen have been working with other Town officials to put in place a Rent/Mortgage Assistance program. Yesterday, the Town issued the official application.

The program is open to households (including individuals) residing in Southborough for at least six months. To be eligible, your income must have been reduced by the pandemic, and you can’t already be receiving government-funded rental assistance. (There are also household income limits.)

The final deadline to apply is Tuesday, December 1st. But eligible residents will want to act quicker than that, since applications are accepted on a rolling basis while funds are available. 

The Town planned to set aside $25,000 to front the payments. Selectmen did indicate that they may be willing to increase that if they determine a greater need.

The intent is for the funds given out by the Town to be reimbursed by the federal government through the CARES Act. (For more background, including how the Town plans to manage the process, see my previous post here.)

Funds can be used for up to two months rental or mortgage assistance. (Amounts are capped based on the dwelling size.) They can be used on past due payments, but can’t be used on mortgage escrow or homeowner’s insurance.

Click here for the detailed criteria and application. The announcement notes that residents who have questions or need help completing the form should reach out to Sarah Cassell, Director of Youth and Family Services, at or 508-481-5676 x. 5.

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Just wondering
3 years ago

Is this program and the federal ERMA program one and the same? I realize that the deadline for the town’s rental/mortgage assistance program has passed, but I’m wondering if the two programs are the same program because I see on the state’s website that a Southborough resident can apply for ERMA though agencies in Worcester. Southborough’s town website does not call this program ERMA. The state’s posted guidelines for eligibility and how assistance can be applied are slightly different from the town’s guidelines which has lead me to believe that the Southborough’s program is not the ERMA program. If the town’s program is in fact the federal ERMA program then wouldn’t the guidelines be exactly the same? Would a town be allowed to alter federal guidelines? Although the differences are small, they could have a big impact for an applicant. I’m wondering if it is the same program because there may be further funds available for residents in dire need. Unemployment benefits will be coming to an end in just a few weeks for those who have been laid off due to covid-19.

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