Finn School’s virtual Book Fair

Another annual event is going virtual.

Since Finn SOS is unable to bring families in for the Fall Festival that include the Scholastic Book Fair, the fundraiser will be held online now through November 22nd.

So, without in person attendance, how do they get kids to talk it up at home? Enter Principal Clayton Ryan.

The head of the Southborough school for kids Pre-K to 2nd grade is offering to tickle their funny bone if Finn families meet their fundraising goal.

Principal Ryan will take a pie in the face for the cause if the fundraiser brings in $1,000 in sales.

That’s something some of the older kids who fondly remember their old principal may also enjoy seeing—which leads me to another point about the SOS fundraiser. 

Finn SOS is encouraging using the fair to do some early holiday shopping for older kids, too. Shoppers can browse titles by grade, Preschool – Grade 8. (I’m told this is “likely” the only Book Fair that the Southborough schools will be holding this fall, with other schools  planning to hold theirs in the spring.)

The fundraiser directly benefits Finn School, with the school receiving 25% of sales as rewards.

In additional incentives, shoppers get free shipping for orders over $25 and Book Fair exclusives directly from the interactive booklist. For families looking to support Finn classrooms, there is also a link to teachers’ wish lists.

To shop the online book fair, click here.

(images cropped from fundraising page)

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