Covid Update: Cumulative cases pass 100 in Southborough, 6 active, still low risk

Southborough hit an unpleasant milestone this week. Yesterday afternoon, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 reached 100 over the course of the pandemic. This morning that went up to 102.

Currently, the number of active cases in isolation is 6. The state’s report for this week classifies our Town as still low risk. (While that report is based on data as of Saturday, my assessment is we would still be designated low risk if calculated based on today’s data. There have been 9 cases confirmed in the past 14 days.)

My understanding is that most cases in town haven’t been severe. But due to privacy restrictions I don’t have details on how many have been.

Only one town resident has died. (That was in June.) While one death is too many, it’s far from the grim analogy made in the media recently. 

When our state recently passed a far more tragic milestone, 10,000 Covid related deaths, Fox 25 News pointed out that was akin to the population of Southborough. To emphasize the point, they broadcast from town, painting a picture of what it would look like if all of those people had lived in town. (You can watch that here.) 

For a better understanding of where and when deaths have occurred in our state, below are images cropped from NY Times. Those are followed by my updated graphics for cases in Southborough.

NYTimes map of mass Covid deaths as of Nov 20 NYTimes table of mass Covid deaths as of Nov 20 Nov 20 - Covid in Southborough Nov 20 - Covid Age demographics in Southborough Nov 20 - Covid Age demographics in Southborough over time

An email this morning from the NSBORO Superintendent indicates another person from the school district has been confirmed positive since last Sunday’s Dashboard was posted. (Whether that overlaps the newest Southborough cases or not, I couldn’t say.)

As of this morning, there still have been no cases linked to in-school transmission in our district. Northborough has again been designated by the state as a yellow/elevated risk community this week.

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