Autism Awareness Speaker & Child Advocate’s personal journey – December 8

Above: NSPAC is bringing in a 23 year old Child Advocate to speak about what he has learned through his personal journey as someone diagnosed with high-functioning autism.

In two weeks, NSPAC is inviting the public to hear from an Autism Awareness speaker. This time, instead of hearing advice from educational experts, attendees will hear insights from a speaker’s own personal journey.

Zach Smith, was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at the age of two. The 23 year old is now a graduate of Worcester State University. Having learned to advocate for himself along the way, he is now working to advocate for others.

On December 8th, Smith will speak in a webinar co-hosted by the Northborough-Southborough and Westborough Special Education Parent Advisory Councils.

NSPAC’s invitation explains:

Zach is 23 years old and currently lives in Pomfret, CT. At two years old, he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He had severe delays in his communication and interaction skills, and many loud noises took a hit on his very sensitive senses. Those struggles limited his daily life at home and school. Thanks to the amazing and tireless support of his family, teachers and administrators, Zach was able to get the support he needed to overcome obstacles and achieve the goals set out for him. His hard work and determination gave him the confidence to advocate for himself and led him to want to help others.

Come hear his story as he also discusses:

  • The advocation strategies for children to succeed academically
  • Ways for parents to remove any stressful roadblocks impacting the growth and potential of their child/student
  • The right approaches if a request or plan does not get met
  • Transitional tactics for students to flourish beyond grade school
  • The proper communication methods to make children thrive in their vital interpersonal relationships

The presentation will be held online, Tuesday, December 8th at 6:30 pm. To attend, pre-register here.

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