Schools seeking remote, long term substitute for remote students and other NSBORO jobs

The Northborough and Southborough Public Schools have had difficulty finding needed staff to support remote schooling for students who are staying at home during the pandemic. I offered to help get the word out.

During last week’s Southborough School Committee meeting, the issue was raised several times. According to the superintendent and committee members, there have been complaints about the large size of Stand Alone Remote Program (SARP) classes. In addition parents have been looking for more remote support for hybrid students on their remote days.

Superintendent Gregory Martineau said the district has had difficulty recruiting personnel to support remote schooling.

Human Resource Director Heather Richards explained there have been significantly fewer applicants for positions this year and they aren’t always qualified. Martineau indicated that there have also been false starts with applicants pulling out later in the process.

Richards stressed that the issue isn’t a district one, but an industry one. She indicated that other schools are facing the same difficulty.

The HR Director responded to committee members who spoke about networking possibilities. She encouraged them and anyone watching the meeting that if they new any “career changers” that education is a great field to get into. She followed that the district would support and coach new staff.

I reached out to get clarity on what positions the schools are struggling to fill. I noted that some potential applicants may have been wary, assuming that substitute jobs would require in-person attendance.

Richards responded that the district “preferred to have the teacher in-person in the building, especially if they are new so that they can build some relationships with the other teachers in person, but we will be flexible if needed. I placed a new posting for a remote position since I am willing to try new things to drive visibility to these roles.”

Below is the link to the remote position, followed by other jobs supporting students that the district is looking to fill:

As of this morning, there is also a new listing for the administrative office – Accountant (part time).

Additional positions that I previously shared are also still posted on the district’s HR website. You can check those out here.

It’s worth noting that successful recruiting may not be a quick, simple fix to SARP class sizes.

Assistant Superintendent Stefanie Reinhorn pointed out to the School Committee that issue is complex. She noted that everyone wants smaller classrooms, but no one wants their child’s teacher  to change. She also indicated that some parents want the flexibility to be able to move kids back and forth from remote to hybrid if needed, but no one wants that experience to be disruptive.

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