School nurses get second vaccine shots

Yesterday, school nurses that were vaccinated in a Covid-19 Clinic held by a Southborough resident received their second dose.

Dr. Louis Kuchiner shared news on the clinic that successfully followed up on his initial clinic in January.

Volunteers and nurses that were vaccinated at the clinic in early January were re-vaccinated on February 4th. It was a quick turnaround with volunteers arriving by 8:00 pm and 94 vaccinations completed by 10:00 pm. Over 100 doses were administered including for Sixty-five public school nurses.

Dr. Kuchiner wrote:

I very much appreciate how you recognized the public officials’ prompt support. We couldn’t have succeeded without their help. Superintendent Marco Rodrigues, Fire Chief Steven Achilles, and Superintendent Greg Martineau guided me and engaged other superintendents responsible for the safety of our schools’ nurses. Their confidence and prompt action was essential to the operational success.

Dr. Rodrigues even served as a key volunteer and helped me organize our all-volunteer clinic!

The nurses were not only vaccinees, but volunteers themselves. Many of them committed as volunteers to vaccinate our communities’ first responders. Finally, my wife, Karen, organized volunteers to confidentially report into the Commonwealth’s vaccination database. Her hard work and loving support were absolutely essential.

It was truly my honor to deliver care alongside those who serve and protect us all.

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Barbara Millett, RN, BSN, MEd
3 years ago

I am very grateful to Dr Kuchnir and his staff for the opportunity to receive the COVID vaccine. The clinic was well run, efficient and safe.

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