SYFS invites you to Unplug for a “Day” (sundown-to-sundown) – March 5-6

Have you and/or your family members started feeling like screen addicted zombies? Then, you may want to make an effort to take part in the National Day of Unplugging.

This year’s event is coming up in just over a week. Instead of falling on one calendar day, it’s running from sundown-to-sundown. Participants are invited to “unplug” around sunset on Friday, March 5th and stay unplugged until the evening of Saturday, March 6th. (It looks like that’s around 5:45 pm each day.)

National Day of unplugging flyerSouthborough Youth and Family Services encourages:

Join SYFS for a day of unplugging. Power down your devices and reconnect with your world. Play board games, make a special dinner, do arts and crafts, make time to play outside!

I have my fingers crossed for some pleasant weather.

Of course, if the specific schedule poses a problem for you, you could schedule your own day. (But if enough families band together on the same day, maybe we can avoid some of the teen angst over what they might be missing out on in group chats.)

SYFS will follow up on the event with programs to help families balance their screen use:

Then let’s continue the conversation! Join us on Zoom:

  • March 9th at 7:30 pm for a talk by Devorah Heitner, bestselling author of Screenwise, giving support to parents in the digital-heavy age of Covid-19!
  • March 16th at 7:30 for a follow up conversation about screens in your home
  • March 30th at 7 pm for Media Literacy through Voices Against Violence

You can find out more about the national initiative here. To sign up for any of the above SYFS programs, email 

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